The 11 Differences Between Dating a Girl vs a Woman

Very interesting article I discovered shared on facebook.

Well articulated and a hammer right on the nail!

Unfortunately a friend’s name kept surfacing in regards to ‘girl’ traits as I read the article…yes…the one I ranted about not too long ago.

“some people regardless of their age, will never really grow up.”

And I say,  aging is not a choice, but growing up is.

Six Weeks

Midterm rush is over as of yesterday, and now remains around six weeks left of university. It’s crazy how quickly time flies. One evening while procrastinating on facebook, I found myself going through old photos. As I scrolled past each one, I glanced at the date of some of my photos from exchange; gosh, I flew over right after my December finals and it was 2011?! It’s crazy. I even feels like I never went.

I think I’ll miss university, to some degree, and of course there will be things I certainly don’t miss. I can’t say I haven’t been looking forward to this day (especially as I slave away at 3am for a midterm or final).But to think all these years of schooling are coming to an end…wow. University years flew by, and my two years in CEGEP did as well. Just like that, I’ll be taking graduation photos in two weeks and say goodbye to McGill.

In ten months, I’ll be in a different province working somewhere I’ve been working toward for the past 3 1/2 years…I’m excited yet nervous. I can only hope everything turns out well. It’ll be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.


So yesterday after speeding through my two hour 36 page operations management midterm (YES…36 pages!!!), I went straight to work. It was extremely windy yesteday; something like 50km/hour winds in the afternoon. Walking to work then leaving required strength to fight against the gusts of wind. I zoomed out of work as soon as the day ended and met up with a friend for coffee and dinner. We were supposed to meet up for lunch on Sunday too, but a 3rd friend cancelled to work for the elections as a poll clerk.

There’s a small cafe called Cafe Myriade that I’d been interested in trying. We spent a good two hours there chatting over her dilemmas, friends, and the future. It’s just inevitable that the future is brought up as grad approaches. I NEEDED coffee because I barely slept the night before (studying) and hadn’t had time to stop by Starbucks before work. I got myself an americano while my friend settled for a hot chocolate. The americano was really good. It was nice and thick, with good balance of bitterness and acidity; Starbucks americano seems so diluted in comparison. The prices are reasonable and I’m interested in trying their cafe latte so I’ll probably return some time. It’s right next to another university so quite a lot of students visit.

DSC_0448 DSC_0449

We waited for another friend to come join us before we headed off to another cafe for dinner. Or rather, it was a bistro/tea salon called Nocochi. It has a nice Euro vibe with candles and pillows on clean white couches. The waitress was extremely friendly. We had been intending to go there for salmon tartare but to our disappointment…it was not on the menu though it had been online. Eh. We settled for sandwiches. I had the club sandwich with a side of potatoes. It tasted amazing, seriously. Possibly because I had been starving waiting for the other friend to arrive XD It’s pricey though, admittedly ($13+tax for mine….), so I don’t think I’ll stop by too often.


Took the opportunity to also finally give an extremely belated birthday gift. Literally 1.5 months late! I’d been so busy with interviews then midterms I didn’t have time to go. My schedule kept clashing with another friend’s to go, so we finally only picked stuff up last week. She was supposed to come tonight as well, but she’s sick in bed with a midterm on Monday. The birthday gift consisted of UD Naked Basics palette and 2 bars of Laura Secord chocolate. Also, chocolate chips from Laura Secord seemed so interesting/cool so we got those too.

Speaking of birthdays, I’m turning 22 at the end of this month. I didn’t really go anything last year except visit a Japanese fusion cafe with a few close friends, but this year I’ll probably do a dinner since it’ll be my last birthday in Montreal. There’s an izakaya right near Chinatown and Old Montreal that looks fantastic. It has an amazing atmosphere/vibe, good alcohol (sake and omg they have Asahi and Kirin beer!!), and the food looks delicious as well. Down for this!

Oh, yes.

I did nothing for Halloween.


One of my good friends lately has been dealing with a certain situation, to which her boyfriend then came to me to talk about…he is my friend as well. There’s a guy whom she’s working with in a project who is very nice to her. She just has this constant mindset that her boyfriend is a complete jerk to her, does nothing for her, and doesn’t even care about her. I have to say, he can be incredibly stupid and childish sometimes, but saying he doesn’t care about her? No way. He isn’t the type to express his emotions that much and he’s not good with words either. They fight and she gets mad at him pretty often; I’ve been so lucky to get caught as a messenger in between for so many occasions I can’t even count.

The primary issue with them is that when they do argue and fight, they never solve it. Ever. They rant and complain for an hour or two, then it passes, as if it never happened, and the argument gets added onto what I (nerdily) call their general ledger. Their issues just pile up and never get solved. They seem to have the inability to sit down and talk things out seriously. It doesn’t help that I honestly feel her boyfriend has come to the point where he just goes with whatever she wants, so that she sort of just takes everything for granted…on the other hand, he sometimes is such a kid I just want to shout at him to take a seat and stop acting like a high schooler. The idiot has done things that have caused her to lose trust in him, and hence one of the reasons why she gets jealous easily before proceeding to get mad.

Somehow though, they just fit together. I honestly cannot see either of them with anyone else. Partly because I don’t know who else could put up with either one of them for such a long time *gets bricked* They can be equally frustrating.

Bringing it back to this new guy, who is oh-so-nice with her; she begins comparing him constantly to her boyfriend inside her mind, analyzing everything he does and thinking about breaking up. I would say it’s almost as if she’s just adamant on making her boyfriend into the world’s worst boyfriend; childish, doesn’t care about her, with terrible attitude. SOOOO yesterday, I was informed by her boyfriend that the guy confessed to her. I’d just like to mention this guy is fully aware she has a boyfriend that she has been dating for almost four years. Also, his last two girlfriends…had boyfriends as well. In other words, he seems to have a thing for stealing people’s girlfriends.

So that’s what I had been dealing with yesterday night (leading to me sleeping even less than my usual five hours…) and today (all the while at work!) The funny thing is, her boyfriend doesn’t even blame her, and he just wants her to realize she’s leaning toward that guy because of the fresh feeling of receiving attention and interest while she has gotten rather sick of him. It frustrates me to no end to see what her boyfriend went through when something similar like this happened with some girl two years ago, versus this situation now. He was wrong, obviously, though I understood why it happened, and of course he had to fix everything up and apologize a couple thousand times. This time around though…this is happened to HER now, yet all the fault seems to fall on her boyfriend??? Is she not in the wrong too??? I just feel bad for him at this point in time. They never seem to really think through the other’s perspective. They don’t self-reflect. In this case, she names all these changes she’d like him to make, yet, has she ever thought of what he would like in a girlfriend?

I understand it’s extremely difficult to make a completely balanced relationship where each party gives 50/50, but it shouldn’t be like this. One party shouldn’t be giving their all while the other stays idle and expects all desires and wants to be accomplished. I’ve gone through shit in my past relationship and I know myself, wasn’t best at how I handled it, but I acknowledged that. I self-reflected and really did think a lot, and learnt from what I went through. The issue with so many people is that they DON’T self-reflect. They just roll through life, rambling without a single thought of what’s to be gained from their experiences. I don’t even understand how some people can repeatedly make the same mistake again, again, and again. If we saw it physically, it would literally just be a person running headlong into a closed door, falling down, getting up, and running to the door headlong again. Repeat cycle, without ever stopping just to think; what should I do different next time so that I don’t have to go through the same problem and avoid the pain?

Sometimes I really want to just NOT care, drop it and let them deal with it on their own.

Because fuck, I have enough on my own plate.

Job Offers, Midterms, Zipia and Stylenanda.

Some updates from this week; I believe I mentioned in my last post that Tuesday was the day firms would start sending out offers. Aaaand well…I was able to land offers from both firms I interviewed for!

The first, I’m pretty sure I missed the call for because I was at work. I left my phone at my desk while in a meeting, and my phone for some reason turned off by itself (thus why I’m getting a new phone soon…) so I can’t even tell if someone called. Regardless, I went to check my uni email and found the offer emailed to me. 10 seconds later, my mom called me asking if I received an offer from the firm. She couldn’t be a mind reader…so obviously I asked how she knew. It turned out the firm fedex-ed a box of stuff to me, branded with their logo, like a backpack, pen, water bottle, usb, etc etc. Well THAT was something. Later in the afternoon, one of the partners called me to congratulate me (I assume I missed the first call).All the while, nothing from the other firm…until I was called by one of their HR. But I couldn’t really talk to her freely since I was at work, and someone was actually waiting to speak with me. So I told her I’d call her back. Which I did. And landed in her voicemail.

Anyway, the next day she called me back just as I was about to head down to take the metro, and in a nutshell, she said I was a bit of a special case because they really liked me and received very positive feedback on my assessments. But they were looking to hire only one person (full-time tax I suppose hired significantly less than the usual audit route, because I know audit they hire a lot of people). In any case, she said they were trying to work it out and see if they could open up a new position for me, and would get back to me latest on Friday (Big4 offer acceptance deadlines are Monday evening). She asked if I had any offers I needed to respond urgently to, to which I told her I did have another offer, but had until Monday.

Nothing on Thursday. Job related anyway. I went out with some friends for sushi that evening, which was nice until I realized it wasn’t Friday. I had felt like it was Friday all day and there’s nothing like realizing there’s one more day except a punch in the gut. WORK TOMORROW WOOT.

Friday morning, around 10:30am (and their 8:30am), she called me back extending an offer, stating things went well on their end and they managed to open up a position for me. I would be receiving an email from the onboarding team a bit later, and they are giving me until Tuesday. To be honest, I’m pretty skeptical about the whole ‘opening a new position for you’ thing. I feel more like I’m backup for whomever ended up rejecting their offer…but the priority is, WHAT DO I DO.



I have a Dev of Accounting Thought midterm on Monday…I don’t even have the time to just keep thinking it through (lol as I write this post XD)

Truthfully I feel like the benefits at the second firm are a bit better (with salary being the same), but it rubs me the wrong way that I’m probably a backup. And no call from partner to congratulate (I KNOW it’s just a phone call but it’s a conventional Big4 hiring step!!!) The 1st firm has been so nice and clearly didn’t flip-flop around with their decision (they fedex-ed me a box of stuff for godsakes). Someone actually called me yesterday afternoon to follow up and see if I had any questions.

Eh, I’ll probably discuss it tonight with my parents to see if they have any advice.


On another note, I ordered a few things on Zipia and Stylenanda a while back and finally met up with my friend to collect my stuff/pay up. I was going to order two things on Zipia; a denim blouse and white oxfords but the shoes went out of stock…and came back into stock AFTER we made our purchases. HA. Sorry shoes, maybe next time. Zipia this time was hit with customs so I very unfortunately practically paid double the cost of the item. The blouse was only $22 USD but I had to pay $38 CAD…UGH. So much dislike. Fortunately, the shirt is as nice as in the photos. I love the wash and the intricate design on the back.

image image


Stylenanda can be extremely expensive in terms of their clothes, but their cosmetics are very decently priced, in my opinion. I’ve heard good things about their makeup, so I wanted to give it a try. I actually ordered 3 things; lip lacquer, cream blusher, and a concealer, but I think they ran out of stock for the concealer. At first they seemed like they would ship it later but ended up just cancelling the order and returning the money. Anyway, Stylenanda’s cosmetics line is called 3 Concept Eyes, and the packaging is pretty minimalist.

DSC_0428  DSC_0430


I got the cream blusher in #Coral Coral, which is $13.21 USD (by the way their prices in Korean Won are cheaper…it’s 12,000 WON which is around $11.30 USD), and their famous lip lacquer in Show Time. The thing about 3 Concept Eyes makeup is the intensity and pigmentation that a lot of Korean makeup lacks. Korean makeup tends to be on the more sheer side, for a natural look, which fits me well because I’m not one for crazy colours anyway. But it’s nice to have more pigmented makeup to work with.

I’m in love with the cream blusher; it is very pigmented and you have to be pretty careful with how much you use or your face will just look ridiculous. Tiny amounts squeezed out of the tube will suffice, at which point you carefully spread it across your cheeks. It gives this very pretty glow that lasts and doesn’t fade through the day, at all. I know because I wore it on Thursday. I applied it around 6:45am and returned home around 11pm. The colour was still vivid. It tints your cheeks and actually I feel like even after using my makeup remover, the colour was still there.

 image image


The lip lacquer is decently raved about, with a large selection of colours to choose from. They are extremely vivid. I can’t say too much about it yet because I haven’t gone out wearing it, but I did try it the night I received it. The pigmentation is no joke, and again, a little goes along way. The final texture is exactly as they advertise; soft and press powdered-like. It’s really interesting, because it doesn’t emphasis the lines in your lips or any drying bits. It looks amazing with a clear gloss over it; my main reason for buying it. The colour Show Time is such a bright hot pink, I would rarely wear the colour full on, but for a tint or gradient lip, it’s perfect and gorgeous. I think this is will have fairly decent lasting power. This sells for $20.21 USD (or 18,000 won).

Stylenanda will ship for free if you buy over $200 USD. If you spend over $100, shipping will be $10. If you spend less than that…$20. Or, you could just be in Korea and go to their store XD

 image image

  Did I mention I have a bit of a girl crush on Park Sora (above model)??? She’s very pretty. And er small swatches from me, obviously with meh photo quality. I realize now I should’ve separated this into two posts but I’m lazy so whaaaatever.

DSC_0432 DSC_0433